Don’t Be a Silly Goose! Nat Geo WILD Helps Us Get Our Ducks in Row With Smart and Practical Social Distancing PSAs From Some of the Original Social Distancers… of the Animal Kingdom!

Animals Encourage People to “Scrub Like a Sea Otter,” “Fly Solo Like Snow Geese,” “Isolate and Chill Like Arctic Penguins”

PSAs to Air Across National Geographic’s Networks and Shared Across Its Social Platforms

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As everyone navigates the uncharted waters of these unprecedented times, National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD are turning to their most trusted advisers for advice – animals, of course! And, it turns out they’ve got some relatable and reliable tips for social distancing (some have been practicing it long before we even knew the term!).

Beginning today, PSAs will roll out across National Geographic’s networks and its social platforms.

From sea otters scrubbing their paws to geese flying solo, the networks introduce a collection of cute and constructive public service announcements that advise people to be smart and follow in the footsteps (pawsteps, flippersteps, hoofsteps) of wildlife which have naturally been taking CDC guidelines to heart.

“At Nat Geo WILD, we realize that animals know best, so we’re letting them do the talking,” says Janet Han Vissering, SVP, Development and Production, Nat Geo WILD. “Amazingly, animals have the innate ability to adapt to whatever Mother Nature throws their ways. We can take a lesson by adapting these behaviors ourselves – now’s not the time to be sitting ducks!”

Get a sneak peek of these wildly pertinent PSAs HERE, and see a breakdown of the tips below:

Socially Isolate:

Be a Smart Bear: Bears typically like to socialize, but smart bears know when it’s time to paws, keep their distance, and growl from afar.

Be a Smart Penguin: Penguins love cuddling with their friends, but smart penguins know when it’s time to isolate and chill.

Wash Your Hands Often:

Be a Smart Sea Otter: You never really know how dirty your paws are, that’s why smart sea otters wash their hands often. Scrub like a sea otter.

Don’t Hang in Crowds:

Don’t be a Silly Goose: Geese are known to travel in flocks, but smart geese know when it’s time to spread their wings and fly solo.

Order in Food:

Be a Smart Kestrel: Kestrel birds are stuck with their kids at home, too! Don’t let the chirping get you down, and order in your food to keep the whole family safe.

About National Geographic:

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